Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Part three...the final days

On Saturday morning, I left mom's to do a bit of shopping in Denver before heading to Castle Rock. Ryan and the girls met up with Emmett, Jolene and I at Costco to stock up for the BBQ we were having at their place on Sunday. Four kids..two adults. We got many looks and a few "you've got such cute kids!" Ryan kept replying "she's the one who wanted four kids...." It was a pretty exciting shopping trip as you can imagine! Then we had a fun lunch at this burger place(can't for the life of me remember the name, but it was darn good!) and headed back to their home in Castle Rock. It became really bittersweet to be there as their dog Jaxson was on his last bit of life-blind, deaf and appeared to have a stroke while I was there. He was 14 years old and was always a really great dog. I knew Ryan in college when he had Jaxson and lived with both for a few years. It was really sad to see him go, but he is in a much better place and Ryan buried him in his parent's back yard in Larkspur. RIP Jaxson! Anyway, while all this was going on, we were still planning the BBQ and friends were on their way. It was GREAT to get to see the Williams family, Jenny and girls, Buddha and his kids, and Emily and Charles came over with the girls as well! This time I got to hold Kenley!Finally!!! We relived a few Armory memories and had quite a few laughs. Aunt Sarah decided that she would give Jolene anything she wanted to be the favorite....needless to say, Jolene ate more stuff in three days than I can remember! I think her favorite was the ice cream sandwich(see pic). Monday, the kids and I picked up Luke and Eric from the airport. The kids were out of steam and both were going nuts! Poor guys- they had a three hour drive to the airport that morning, their flight and now two screaming kids...all while hung over! Impressive. They had a good trip, minus the 110+ heat index. (That just means they had more fun on the boat!) We dropped off Eric and stopped in to see Mark at Bobby and Donna's. He recovered very nicely from his transplant and looked great! We stayed one more night with Ryan and Sarah and visited Mark on Tuesday morning before we headed back up to mom's. Chrissy was meeting us there for dinner and came with lots of pictures to show of her trip to Tanzania and her Kilimanjaro climb. Ken was able to join us and we had a nice dinner and an awesome slideshow of pictures. This all led up to the uneventful drive back to Cody on Wednesday. It always feels good to get home.....but it was a great trip while it lasted.