Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Work for the weekend

We had quite the busy weekend. This past week, the sprinklers were completed(90%) and Luke and I decided we would get to work on the ground around the house. So we had a truck of rock and a truck of dirt delivered on Friday. Emmett of course loved to climb the hills and proceed to get really dirty. Luke and I worked really hard to lay the weed mat and cover with dirt around the back of the house on Saturday. Our friends, Jessica and Jeff, with kids Melody and Layla, came over for a lamb loin dinner. This is the first time I have eaten lamb. It was cooked really well and the balsamic reduction was awesome. I would definitely eat lamb like that again! (It also could have been the wine Jessica brought. She and I drank the bottle gone.) Melody LOVES to play babysitter with Jolene(supervised, of course). She feeds her dinner and gives her a bottle, pretty much everything. Nice to have a seven year old around who wants to help out. Layla and Emmett play pretty hard and wear each other out. At one point, both wound up in their underwear running around the house. That Layla! Having no clothes on is a a fun game and Emmett is sure to follow "suit".

We woke up Sunday and worked outside all day. Jolene even got to be outside while I re-potted houseplants. The boys whittled away on the hills of "work". At nap time, Luke and I finished around the side and front of the house with weedmat and dirt. Just in time for the wind to pick up. The wind never stopped. It finally stopped today and started to rain instead. I looked out the windows to survey the damage to our latest project......most of the dirt has blown off and the weed mat is blowing in the wind. Mostly a waste of our hard work and we'll have to re-do the majority of the work. Hope the weekend is nice. Both for working and going to see the Easter bunny!
Jolene is still working on her crawl. I don't think she'll crawl for long if at all. She would rather stand and she'll scream bloody murder if she is on her belly too long! Sooooo tired of the screaming.......