Friday, April 2, 2010

A jumpstart to Easter

Emmett, Jolene and I went to the local candy store, Cowtown Candy, for a storytime put on by the library. Lisa(the librarian whose head was missing in previous post) read the kids 5 Easter related books today and then they ended up getting gum drops. Good thing we are going to the dentist next week- he picked his teeth the entire way home! We also sat right in front of the Jelly bean display. Must not have been thinking today. Emmett had his hands in those several times! We got home and had pretend Easter, where I hide eggs and Emmett finds them. Glad Easter is this weekend. That game is getting old of "Mom! I can't find the eggs!" They are practically sitting out in plain sight. He just is lazy and doesn't understand the fun of an Easter egg "hunt". We will be heading to the Golf Course again this year for their annual Candy-thrown-on-the-ground-event. Pictures to follow!

Thanks Grandma Debbie for the Easter bib! Poor thing, had to search all over Co Springs for a bib that was for first Easter!(I say "poor thing" with very little meaning towards Deb! She loves to shop. It's Mark that I feel bad for. He got drug all over creation. Thanks Grandpa!) She's pretty cute though......