Sunday, April 4, 2010

Here comes Peter Cottontail

The kids were up very early today 6am-ish. So, Easter morning started really early. Emmett got Luke out of bed at 7am and we began our morning with "egg shaped" pancakes and bacon. Jolene loves to feed herself these days, so she really enjoyed shoveling in the pancakes. Then Luke and Emmett went looking to see if the Easter Bunny had come. He did and he left baskets on the table for each of the kids. Grammy Debbie and Grandpa Mark also sent baskets for Easter so it was an exciting morning. Emmett was "hopped" up on candy for most of the day, even skipped his nap, but when right to bed with little fight and no getting up and asking for everything he can think of not to go to bed- sugar rush ended. Emmett would unwrap a butterfinger egg and exclaim "MOM! this egg is chocolate!" Like he didn't know that already.... I'm not buying it. Emmett also recieved a bunny driving a car that has jelly beans inside. When you push on the bunny he says "Happy Easter!",the car honks and out of the back of the car falls a few jelly beans. We kept telling Emmett that was enough jelly beans and he would stop...for the moment. It was always given away when he was sneaking jelly beans because the darn thing would yell "Happy Easter!" HONK HONK! Pretty soon it was out of beans and Emmett seemed so confused! Needless to say, that bunny car was put away for the year at bedtime.
Luke and I popped the cork on a bottle of Preseco and made mimosas for our treat on Easter morning. Once Luke got his fill of reese peanut butter eggs, the candy found it's way to the freezer. Out of sight, out of mind.
It turned out to be a blustery, cold day even though the sun was out. That made us decide to skip the golf course "egg hunt" this year. No need for more candy or to wake Jolene from her nap to be out in the cold.
We invited the neighbor Chris over for Easter dinner, as her hubby and kids are on a band trip in Disneyland. We made a flattened chicken on the grill with an Italian rub.....delicious! Chris brought dessert. A Cajun cake, which was made with pineapple and coconut AND pecans(which I never get to eat any of those 'cause Luke doesn't like them!) and she brought Luke a plate of brownies. We had plenty of wine and good laughs to go with it.