Thursday, April 22, 2010

Trip to Cali

I had a wonderful trip to see Vanessa and her family. Bryce is probably the world's cutest(my kids excluded!) and calmest child I have ever seen. It was really great getting to know him and spending time with Joel as well. I got into Orange County Saturday afternoon and that night we got to go out for an awesome sushi dinner at a place I can no longer remember or could even pronounce to begin with! The best part is my friends Theresa and Holly came to join us as well as Vanessa's neighbor Ollie and her long time friend Ann. It was a really great night on the town. We finished out the very late night with more drinks at Vanessa's home around the firepit in their yard.

The rest of the trip we played on the beach, ate some really great Mexican food, ate on the San Clemente Pier, did some shopping, a small wine tasting and fit in time for pedicures! It was a well deserved break and very much needed Mom-cation for myself. I can't wait to do it again next year, only I think I'll include the family next time!