Friday, March 5, 2010

pee on the B

Emmett's new thing is to pee on cereal(we've been using Alpha Bits to make it more interesting!). Whatever works right?! It seems standing to pee is much more fun and he doesn't seem to mind trying to go. #2 is a different story. I think he's scared to go #2 and will hardly even try. The incentive is getting to go to Walmart to pick out any toy(that statement has an imaginary asterisk next to it!I have veto power.) We'll see...he turns 3 in 2 weeks and I have threatened him with "when you turn 3, diapers seem to disappear until bedtime." That could backfire on me.
Boot camp is going well. I only go downstairs when necessary, because I have to go back up them(which is torture!). At least it makes me realize that I am not getting up at 5am for nothing!
Joey's room is the primo place to play these days. Emmett has been building a fort by her crib and they both "play" and laugh til someone gets hurt or just starts crying(time for a nap!). I think their relationship will change once Joey really starts playing in the fort and with his other toys. Right now she just sits there and grins/drools. They might not get along quite as nicely when that time comes.
Jolene is outgrowing clothes before their season even hits, so I have been playing fashion show to get pictures of her in some of them. Chrissy bought her a Life is Good t-shirt and it fits perfectly now, but I have to put long sleeves under it. Courtney gave her the cute outfit with the cherries on it. That cute outfit will probably never get to see the sunshine. I am praying for warmer weather but we are only getting the upper 40's. No t-shirts and cute rompers yet....