Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our little "baby" turned 3!

Emmett's birthday was on Saturday. We started the morning with his room filled with balloons. He woke up and loved it. It was a great start to the day. Emmett said "It's MY birthday?! friends are coming over today and bringing presents, right?" Spoken like a true birthday boy.
We had a small BBQ to celebrate his big day. We were a little worried about the weather being warm enough to even have BBQ'd food, since it snowed on Thursday and Friday. The sun came out and it wound up being about 50 degrees or so. The kids got to play outside with Emmett's new sand and water table- minus the water, it was still a bit too cold! Not too cold for Emmett's friend Layla to remove every piece of clothing and stand in the sand table. I guess she loves to be naked and why not for an audience?! (Even the landscaping guys were there finishing the sprinklers!) It turned out to be a fun day and great company. Emmett LOVED all of his gifts- so thank you everyone! His friend, Jaren, gave him a Cars set of dominoes and a spiderman costume. He cried so hard when we had to take off the costume for bedtime! It might have been the sugar rush or lack of a nap, but I think that costume was the reason for the tears...he even asked if it was clean when he woke up this morning cause he wanted to wear it today.