Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Fling Parade

Cody had a small parade celebrating St. Patrick's Day and springtime in general. It was very small and started to get cold. The day started out with a trek to Billings. The weather was nice so away we went. (Emmett, by the way, is now 10 days potty trained with only 2 accidents! He went to Billlings and back in underwear and had no problems. Life is good when you don't have to change adult poop diapers!) We got back just in time to unload the car, potty everyone, and head in to town to watch the parade with our friends Dan and Kacie and their kids, Wyatt and Kenley. Afterwards, we indulged ourselves in $2 margs at La Comida and had a great time til the kids all went crazy.

Today they started on our sprinkler system. Pete is trenching the back and front yard. Emmett of course loves watching the trencher and cheers it on as it slowly goes by. They will hydroseed in early April!!!

Tomorrow, since the weather is not going to cooperate this weekend, we are meeting a bunch of friends at the park (60 degrees!) to celebrate Emmett and Katie Dewey's birthdays(same day). I have spent this morning and afternoon making cupcakes- in ice cream cones! They turned out pretty cute. Can't wait to enjoy the sunshine before the snow supposedly moves in Thursday-BOOOOOO! We were/are having a BBQ/Birthday party for Emmett on Saturday with a few friends, but I am not sure they will be outside playing with his new b-day present- a sand and water table. Maybe I'll fill it with snow and sand......