Monday, June 30, 2008

Workin' weekend

Luke and I have worked most of the weekend on the garage and basement, and there is still so much to do. We had some issues with the contractor not showing up on Friday night.....not very happy. But it should get done today. Meanwhile, we have cleaned everything that was being stored in the garage and moved it to the basement. We found that a few boxes were home to a couple mice this past winter. I am taking stock in mouse traps this fall. It feels really great to have a garage again and one that is clean and organized! Now to organize the basement....most of the stuff was put in the closets until after the fourth of July. I don't have time to go thru old photo albums and baby clothes and decorations. After windows get cleaned, floor gets mopped, beds get made, bathroom accessories get hung, furniture gets moved and rugs get placed we should be almost ready for guests. I almost forgot the most important task of all: Wine/beer fridge get filled!!!

We did get to have a little fun this weekend. Our friends the Anderson's, had a birthday party for their daughter Darby, she turned 2 on Sunday. We went over to their home on Saturday for a fun-filled afternoon. They had bought Darby a blow up water slide for her birthday. The kids loved it! Emmett did not like the slide so much, but loved to play in the catch pool at the end. Courtney and Derrick live in a neighborhood with lots of kids and everyone played so nicely together. They had BBQ'd and then came the cake. Darby loves the Wiggles, so they had an octopus cake made out of cupcakes. It was pretty cute...with purple and black frosting. I specifically picked Emmett out a cupcake that had yellow frosting so I would not have to deal with the stains. Darby had black smeared all over her body! She was finger painting her belly at one point. It made for a really great birthday picture! I have never seen so many kids with frosting all over their faces. I think it became a game after awhile. Emmett played his heart out and was asleep in the car seat before we drove out of their neighborhood.

Oh! I forgot to introduce you to my little friend.....Luke saw him in the window sill outside of the office area. We even saw him scurry back into his little hole that he had dug to access the area. Hopefully when we get things landscaped, this problem will start to go away. Wishful thinking?