Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all of you wonderful Dads! I am lucky enough to be with two great dads this morning, Luke and Mark. Emmett woke up his dad this morning with a card and a fist to the eyeball(not intentional of course!). Then we ate pancake puffs and sausage for breakfast and Emmett is now taking his a.m. nap. Yesterday, we decided to take the St. Joseph Scenic Highway up to the northeast entrance to Yellowstone. We drove this beautiful, curvy stretch of highway thru Cooke City and into YNP. This was Mark and Deb's first time in the park and what a treat we got! Not even a mile inside the park there was the most amazing moose, antlers and all, right next to the stream. Talk about picture perfect(I had my new camera out in a flash!). We then drove a bit farther and decided it was time to grab some lunch. We headed back into Cooke City and ate at the Prospector for lunch. Our meals were great but Emmett had a bit of a hard time being a good boy. I have never seen him act the way he did at lunch. We shoveled our food in and hit the road. He and Grandpa took naps on the way home. That did the trick for everyone. No grumpy's in the car anymore. We had a great game of cards and snacky dinner(my kinda night!) and are ready for more today. It is a gorgeous sunny day, great for the father's golf game this afternoon. Deb and I are going to play around town for a bit and get ready for a great steak dinner tonight.

Views from the Highway

Mountain behind Cooke City and our lunch spot

Seatbelt, check. Sunglasses, check. Let's go!