Monday, June 23, 2008

Meet the Andersons

We met a couple that just moved into town back in April. Derrick and Courtney Anderson and their two kids, Darby,2 years, and Cooper, 10 months. We had dinner with them on Saturday night at their home. It was a beautiful sunny day and the kids played pretty well. Emmett and Darby really liked to dance and take each others toys(the norm). We grilled out,had a few drinks and enjoyed the weather and conversation. They had a sand and water toy on their back deck that Emmett could not keep out of. He was soaking wet and ate so much sand, we might have to look into getting one of those for his own(check out the pic at the bottom. He is drinking out of one of the toys!). Happiness turned into tiredness and we headed for home. We had a great time and look forward to many nights on patios.

Sunday, Emmett woke in a panic. Sweating with a fever and would not settle down. Teething. I am not sure if we are just lucky, but his teeth sure take a long time to come in. We can't see anything, except swollen gums. They're coming.....

So not much this week. We are planning on going to MOPS playground group on Wednesday, maybe meeting at the frog pond on Tuesday, and hopefully cleaning the finished basement for moving in stuff this weekend.

Doesn't Cooper remind you of Ryleigh Williams when she was younger?! We miss you guys!