Monday, June 9, 2008

Snowmass Chili and Brew Festival

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Luke and I had such a fantastic weekend. Thank you Grammy and Poppy for watching the "tyrant", who was actually a very good boy for them this weekend. We left for Colorado and Emmett was taking a good nap, but not for long! It was a long car ride to the grandparents. A special thank you to Uncle Bobby, Aunt Donna, Aunt Allison and Uncle Chuck for the guitar you gave him at X-mas! That toy was a saving grace on our trip(video at bottom).
Chrissy met up with us at the folks' house and we then headed to Snowmass. We got there a little after 2pm and checked into our hotel and meet up with Tim Williams. Then off for a few beer tastings and maybe some chili. The chili was really hot this year, almost put Luke out of commission for about 20 mins. Needless to say, I did not try much chili. The music was great, lots of bands we didn't recognize, but got to hear Steven Marley, one of many sons of Bob. Chrissy and I may have danced a little. on a hill. with drink in hand.

The next morning our friends Sara and Eric, and Nina and Eric all meet up at our hotel for some Saturday fun. The boys went golfing and the girls went hangover hiking. Cures what ales ya! Girls Day Out was a blast. We wound up on a four wheeling trail that eventually led us to our hiking trail head. Unexpected fun. At one point Chrissy and Nina got out and had to move a tree out of the road so we could pass. We had wonderful views that got better as we progressed on our hike. Maroon Bells was the backdrop of our hike. We only hiked in part of the 7 mile trail due to time constraints, but would definitely come back for the entire trail someday. The boys had a great time golfing, so much so, that they missed most of the festival. They were a little late getting off the course and finally arrived in time for one last beer before the concert started. Dr. John played with the Neville Brothers opening. They were really great, but it got too cold for me. I wussed out and went back to the room. Where we all proceeded to play "cards" i.e. drinking games. We woke up the next morning to about an inch of snow on our cars! (Before we left the grandparents, Emmett had decided to play with the window scraper and we decided we wouldn't need it anyway and let him keep it.) Vail Pass had quite a bit of new snow for our drive home, but the roads were dry. Luke, Emmett and I finally made it home last night around 10 pm. Longest day ever. Worth every minute of our wonderful weekend with Friends. See you all next year for the 2009 Chili and Brew Festival!