Monday, June 2, 2008

Upcoming anniversary...

We have an upcoming anniversary....our 5th year wedding anniversary! That also means that we have made it four years past the fire. Seems longer, huh? A lot has happened in that four years. Sold a house, bought a house, had a baby, bought a house, moved, sold a house.....whew! And our friends and family....marriages, babies, boyfriends. It is amazing how, with the help of everyone in our lives, we were able to move on and become a stronger married couple because it. Thank you.
Now on to the fun stuff! Luke got me a new camera for our anniversary!!! It is the one I was waiting til the holidays for. Now my pictures of bears will be up close and personal(Luke would chime in here to tell you a joke about a bear asking a rabbit if he has any problems with poo sticking to his fur). But, no more black dots! My new Nikon takes great videos and excellent pics, but I am still working on the owner's manual. So "bear" with me thru the process of a few blurry photos and wobbly videos. Luke got his beer fridge for the basement(it also has a section for wines!). I am not really sure what the gift for a 5th year anniversary is, but we decided electronics.

We head to Aspen for our Chili and Beer festival this weekend. We went to this festival last year for our anniversary. The only difference is this year we will not have a baby strapped to our chests the entire time(thank goodness for no sunscreen comments!). Grammy Joyce and Poppy Greg will be watching him. Maybe I should invest in some helmets for them. The head butting is getting worse, only Luke and I have learned how to dodge him now. Grandparents, lace up your running shoes! We will be there in 3 days!
This is a video of Emmett helping me put away laundry. Big help, huh?!