Friday, May 30, 2008

Emmett's new game

I think Emmett finds "new games" to play every other day. Relaxing on the couch with my feet on the coffee table, wrapped up in a blanket watching my favorite shows....up pops Emmett, making you uncross your legs so he's under the blanket with you! Then you have to play "where's Emmett?". His hair is just too funny from the static! He is also into Head Butting. He gave Luke a fat lip the other night. This is one game we are done with- hopefully sooner than later. It doesn't seem to phase him. Luke says the hard head is from the Anderson side.

They start up on the basement again next week. Yea!!!! Should be complete by the end of June. I can't wait til there is nothing else to paint, clean up after, or shop for. It's exhausting and expensive!

We've had some more nasty weather today, and by the looks of it, more to come. Wind, hail, and then the sun comes out for a bit while it's still raining. Strange. I guess it keeps things from getting boring.