Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend tales

On Friday, my neighbor Chris (she played hookie from work!) and I went up to Billings for the day. It was nice to have someone who knows their way around up there. She and the family lived up there for quite a few years, I think about 10 or so. She showed me a few stores I never would have known about and also a few new places to eat. We ate at this pizza place that was out of this world. I actually had a salad but can't wait to try their 20 or so different types of pizza. Chris and I had a nice get out of town day.

Then on Saturday, MOPS had their annual Garage Sale. I could not believe the amount of sale items there were! I volunteered for the end of the day shift and clean up. I had a good time getting to know the other women there. We made a pretty good amount for a garage sale. I guess it was alot more than last year. We also decided to package up the winter items and will have another sale at the end of summer. The left over summer items are being given to the local girl scouts. They have a clothing give away as one of their charity functions. It worked out pretty well, not much had to be taken to the dump or "goodwill". (We have the Bargain Box, no Goodwill.)

When I got home that afternoon, Emmett was down for his nap. So Luke and I decided to play Welcome Wagon to our pesky hole digging neighbors. We put a hose down their hole and turned on the water. It was a waste of water. Nothing rushed out and still hasn't. Luke filled in the hole to finish our job. Nothing has dug out so not sure if we caught the pest "out running errands". Funny pics though!

On Sunday, I discovered my new hobby. Luke, Emmett and I went to our first auction. I loved it. It is better than the people watching at the airport! Emmett needed a nap so he and Luke went home. I stuck around for the bidding to begin. They list what they are going to be auctioning in the newspaper. They listed bar signs and crocks amongst a thousand other things. I love my crocks and Luke has been looking for the perfect sign for his bar in the basement. I feel so victorious! I bid, won and left with my prize Red Wing #3 crock. I also got myself a new craft table for the basement....for $15!!! Can you say addicted?!

It turned out to be a gorgeous day. Luke cleaned off the front porch and we got to sit outside in the sunshine. A perfect ending for the weekend.