Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A memorable Memorial Day Weekend

We had the Canales family for a visit this weekend. It was wonderful to see the boys "play" together, more like Emmett screaming and taking away Jack's toy. We hope he will learn to "play" next time we get to see them! Carl, Julie and Jack arrived on Friday eve and we let the boys run the house. After they tired and finally went to sleep, we made a great steak dinner and had a bit of vino. We had to borrow a pack-n-play from our friends the Reedy's, cause we left ours at my parents house for when we are there in June. Jules thought they could just use ours....oops. Thanks to the Reedy's for saving bedtime!
We got up Saturday morning and headed off to Yellowstone. Mind you it has been raining for a week now. No end in sight. We packed up the boys and away we went. They were very good boys for the most part. We drove through a snowstorm for the first couple of hours. Not very good for sightseeing! We stopped to see Old Faithful-it actually stopped raining/snowing for about an hour. We had a diaper blowout while were there. Thank goodness for moms that overpack! (Poor Jack must have had a stomach bug) It continued to spit rain for most of our trip, but that did not stop us from seeing a few animals and walking a few trails. We stopped to see the mud pots and Dragon's mouth. Some pretty neat sights. We got to see a baby elk and it's momma. The baby couldn't have been but a few days old. He had shaky knees and could barely walk. Pretty cool animal sighting. Otherwise, it was the norm....bison, elk, deer. At the end of our trip, outside the park no less, Luke spots a brown moving object off in a meadow. It was a grizzly bear! Our pics are not so great but Carl got some really great photos! I will share them when I get them. It continued to rain on Sunday, but that didn't keep us from the big sale at Sierra Trading Post. Both families left with some good stuff! Then the boys, all four of them, went to CB's for a beer(only two of them!), and Julie and I walked the downtown area. Not much was open because it was Sunday. We had great intentions of going back on Monday....... Then we went for dinner at La Comida. Margs were had. Need I say more? We went home and played cards with a few more drinks(who's idea was that anyway?!) I finally today feel back to normal. Needless to say, Monday was a recovery day. We didn't leave the house, except the boys went out to get Wendy's for lunch.
We had a great time while they were here and can't wait to see them again this summer/fall!

The black spot in the middle is the bear!