Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day with Mother Nature

Mother's Day was fantastic! Hope everyone's was as well.
We got up on Saturday morning and packed up for the park. We drove into Yellowstone around 9am. They had gotten a few inches of snow the night before. You wouldn't believe the snow piled up on the sides of the road. Some places were 6 feet high! The newly fallen snow melted off pretty quick and brought out all sorts of critters! We saw every animal on the list. Luke puts it that "if we were playing Yellowstone BINGO, we'd have won!" Wolves, elk, a grizzly bear, a momma moose and her two babies(my fav!), bison, three amazing eagles, cranes, pelicans, big horn sheep...I think that was it. I will put a bunch of pics at the end. I had forgotten to charge the camera battery the night before, so we have great pics of everything except the bear. I aimed the camera and it turned off. We also didn't get any pictures of our fun sack lunch at Old Faithful. We had a marvelous time that day. We certainly wore out Emmett. He got to play in some snow, eat lots of snacks, and he learned to Moo like a cow on that trip. It's pretty cute! It turned out to be about a nine hour day thru the park, but we had so much fun we are going to do it again for Memorial weekend with the Canales family.
On Sunday, we drove into Billings for our final(hopefully) trip to Lowes for awhile. And I got to drag Luke into Old Navy for a few minutes. We then headed off to Red Lodge to meet up with our neighbors for a Mother's Day lunch at the Rock Creek Resort. It was a great spot overlooking the stream, tucked into the mountains. We had a very nice lunch and then headed home for some R and R. We wound up watching "Transformers" on Cinemax. What an amazing movie! I remember watching the cartoon when I was little, but this was a great movie, mostly because of the effects.
We head to Denver tomorrow for a quick jaunt. Luke has an insurance class for work til Friday. Have a great week!

Wolves--you have to look close!