Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mmmmm watermelon

Emmett had his first taste of watermelon the other day. He loves it! Had his face right into the rind. He has also been in the cabinets a great deal lately. So much that I am not sure where he is and have to look around inside them. Enjoy the pics!

This morning was our last Mops meeting til fall. We had one of the moms speak or give her testimonial today. I guess I needed a good cry, but I wasn't the only one. Not a dry eye in the place. Her son at 5 years old had a brain tumor. They operated in Denver, returned to Cody for a bit and found out that he had another inoperable brain tumor. He passed away at 6 years old, just 2-3 days after they got back from their Make a Wish trip to Disney. It was so sad to hear her story but she really is an eloquent speaker and enjoyed her talk. She also found ways to lighten the mood with some really great memories of her son. She has a great personality and outlook on life.