Monday, May 19, 2008

Finally, some nice weather!

We made it home from our trip to Denver and Colorado Springs. I wasn't so sure about an hour from home I thought I was going to lose my patience. Emmett wanted to get out of his carseat so badly and told us all about it! All in all, it was a pretty great visit with family. We stopped in to visit with my parents first. I got to have lunch with Chrissy and my mom at PF Changs-yum!, Stopped in at my old job and got to visit with almost everyone, had lunch with Ken at Red Robin and then got to stay one night with the Christensen family at their new home in Castle Rock. Their new place is fantastic-has a great floor plan, awesome plans for a backyard and Emmett loved the staircase. He learned how to go down the stairs with the wonderful teachings of Lily and Anna. He is now a Pro! Sarah also shared the wonderful pork product of bacon with Emmett for the first time. He loved it! Put the entire piece in his mouth. I had to fish it out about 10 mins later. She has a great picture that I will share when I get it! We went on a walk to a playground near their home and had a great time. The playground had this really cool piano-like thing that Emmett would not leave alone. Anna and Lily wanted him to go down the slide with them and he wanted to bang on the keys! Luke finished his class on Friday and picked Emmett and I up in Castle Rock and we headed down to see Debbie and the family. Mark was out of town at a golf tourney at the lake, but we got to have dinner with Matt and Max. Emmett and Max were great at dinner. Playing peek-a-boo and telling knock-knock jokes. Good boys I tell ya. On Saturday, Debbie, Luke, Emmett and I participated in a 5K for the Fisher DeBerry foundation, mostly for young single families. It was a gorgeous day with a beautiful view of Pikes Peak. It was sponsored by Chick-fil-A, our fav fast food, so you know they had food afterward! Rudy Ruettiger, legend from Notre Dame, was there to present medals and gave a very nice speech after the race, along with ex-coach Fisher DeBerry from Air Force.(In the pic Rudy is on the right and Coach is on the left). Debbie won 3rd in her age division! Emmett loved the dancing Chick-fil-A cows and dancing to the music, but hated when the cows came over to him. I think they were big and scary when they got close. Liz and Max and Matt came over to Debbie's after the race and played with Emmett in the backyard. He loved chasing Liz around! She is very good with cousin E. We look forward to seeing the whole family when they come to visit in July!

Can you see me?

Lily and Emmett on the slide

Lily, Emmett and Anna in the tub

Dancing with the Chick-Fil-A cows