Friday, June 20, 2008

Busy summer days

This was the sunset from our back porch on the eve of Father's day. Kinda like the perfect ending to a perfect day. Father's day weekend was such a blast and I just had to put the
"generation photo" up for you all to see. This was right before a great walk around the "hood". Things are busy and active here for us in Cody. I have had a busy work life, being the association co-waterman and all(Luke calls me the water police). I basically have to check on our irrigation waterways and communicate with the ditchrunner to keep the water flowing. Today, for instance, the lower pumphouse was flooding. I have no idea what to do. I call the only guy I know in the association to help me figure this situation out. I have never had any formal training on how to make sure the water runs appropriately. I pretty much watch gauges and eyeballed things. Dave, a long-timer here in the neighborhood, walked me thru everything tonight and gave me the tutorial. Now I get it!!! Who knew?! Cisterns and priming motors- craziest stay-at-home-mom job I know, but we get a break on our water bill. Since the debacle, I've had a couple glasses of wine and decided to take a few pics of the neighborhood deer. They are starting to get their antlers. Not like they compare to the moose we saw last weekend. I am still blown away by the stature of these magnificent animals. Anyway.... Emmett and I met a few MOPS ladies at the park on Wednesday. We had a great time and look forward to many sun shiny days with the kids and moms. Emmett has a great time and I get to chat with other moms. It's a win-win situation. Luke and I have begun digging the 6 foot hole in the backyard to reach our irrigation valve. What a pain in the ars. I really thought this would be an easier task than everyone kept warning me about. I was really looking forward to bigger arm muscles and less calluses and blisters, but who says man hands aren't beautiful?! Yuck.

The basement is coming along wonderfully! I love the shower! It is much better than our master bedroom shower. You are welcome future guests! We still have a lot of trim painting to do along the windows and doors, but that is livable stuff. Soon, we will have a working shower and toilet in the basement, plus another large living space and two big bedrooms! I think they will be done by Monday or Tuesday. I will post a few pics or a video when it gets finished. We are getting very excited for our July 4th visitors! Can't wait to see you all! Don't forget your party hats!!!!
Also, a shout out to my fav "WS" Debbie! She earned a merit badge this past week for her outstanding ability to problem solve. Way to go!
This was from tonight prior to heavy wine drinking. Emmett loves going for rides in his hippo. What a contagious laugh!