Thursday, July 3, 2008

The festivities begin!

Emmett and I met a few ladies down on the Main Street for the Kiddie Parade yesterday morning. Luke came down from his office to watch as well. It was a nice parade that Emmett will maybe watch/pay attention to next year. Lots of fun costumes, floats, horses and candy! There was a man on stilts that was pretty great. I guess he has been walking in the parade for over 30 years. He came over to give Emmett a high five. Emmett was not sure what to do! Fun all the same.

It has been storming in the evenings around here. Nice cause it cools things off and the lightning show is amazing from the front porch with a glass of wine. I tried to catch a few bolts, but haven't figured out that function yet.

Well, the family left for Cody this morning, along with a few of our friends that are coming to join the fun! Nina and Eric are riding along with the folks in their motorhome and Emily and Charles are heading up late this morning. I have been frantically cleaning and moving things this morning. Nothing like waiting til the last minute. Luke hung all the bathroom fixtures last night and now the bathroom looks pretty complete. My mom is bringing up a table for towels and stuff in the bathroom and then we are about done. I will post a video of the completion later. I have to get back to my potatoes in the oven and dips that need to be made! Enjoy your 4th everyone!