Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sushi Dinner

Well, we made it back to Cody late Tuesday evening. Our flight home was much better than the previous. Surprising since he has a couple teeth coming in. We had a very nice time up at my parents house. On Sunday, we got to enjoy the deck and watch the sailboat races. and of course the "pool" at Grammy's! Thank you for letting Emmett run your house for a week!
Nina was in town last night and this morning for business and stayed with us. She and I went out for Sushi(amazingly delicious for landlocked Cody!). My friend Keri joined us for a CodyTini and some really great rolls. I went out of my norm and tried some new things and they were yummy! We ordered so much to try, that it came out on a boat! After a few glasses of wine and too much food, we headed home for one more glass and really good conversation. Nina and I actually made it to the gym early this morning and she just left for her install and training session. It was a really nice quick get together. Always great to see you Nina!