Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wonderful Bridal Weekend

My girlfriend, Emily, had her bridal shower and bachlorette party this past weekend in Denver. Molly, one of the girls in the bridal party, held the shower at her home in Lone Tree. She has a beautiful home with a great back deck and yard. She put together a golf themed shower as Emily is an awesome golfer. Molly planned an 18 hole E & C Links(Emily and Charles) and it was played in her backyard. It looked like tons of fun(I was taking pictures and enjoying my first Emily-tini!) The rest of the shower was in colors of pink and brown: the cake, Emily-tini, and favors were definitely Emily-esq. What a great party. After it ended, Jenny, Emily, Kate, Sam and I headed to the hotel to get checked in and cleaned up for the bachlorette party, starting at a place called Lime. Lime was our dinner/appetizer location and the food was really good and the presentation was even pretty as it was upscale mexican food. We enjoyed lots of laughs and stories before we moved on to our first bar, the Cowboy Lounge. It was still a bit early, 9pm, when we got there and there were not many people. The more we drank, the later it got and man, it was packed before you knew it! Emily and I did not make very good shoe choices, so we grabbed a cab back to the Westin and put on our "party" shoes i.e. flip flops. By the time we got back to the bar, maybe 30 mins later, it was crazy packed and I think we stayed for maybe another hour. Some decided to head on to another bar for some more late night craziness, but a few of us headed back to the hotel for some sleep. I think that was probably my fav part of the night. Kate, Sam, Jenny, Emily and I got to hang out and chat/catch up with each other. Thank god Sam ordered a pizza to squelch the late night hungry beast. We still needed to hit the greasy spoon the next day! Bacon!!!! Chrissy and Nina were among the late nighters and wound up walking home. It took them an hour and a half to get to their friend Beth's, where they were going to crash. They took a slight detour and stopped at 7-11 for late night nachos. Chrissy could not figure out why the cheese was cold and tasted funny. After a few more bites, she realized that she had covered them with mustard instead of cheese. We all had a good laugh the next morning about that one!
I had a great time getting back in touch with the girls and can't wait to see you all at the weddin'. (Maybe the zoo next time I'm in town!)
Emily, I love ya and hope you got to have a wonderful time. Aren't you glad it only happens once?! Miss you already!