Thursday, July 24, 2008

Random thoughts

I have been busy lately, but not sure quite what keeps me so busy. Maybe a 16 month old! Anyway, Matt, Becky and kids are here today! We have lots of great stuff planned while they are here on their family vacation(next post!).
Meanwhile, I thought I would share one of Luke's B-day cards sent to him by his buddy, Dayven. I still laugh when I see it on the counter. It's called "A man's guide to successful aging" When you open the card it reads "Never pass a bathroom. Don't waste a hard-on. and Never trust a fart." True words for a man.
Hard to follow that one but.... Chrissy and Nina participated in the Urban Assault Ride in Ft. Collins last weekend. She sent me some photos that are awesome! You will have to connect to the link since they are copyrighted photos. This race is one of their favs. You ride your bike to locations around town and participate in funny obstacle courses. One of the pics is of Chrissy riding an adult Big Wheel. (I think Luke and I need those for the basement!) The other photo is of Nina and Chrissy going thru a waterslide of some sort. It looks like they had a good time.