Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wonderful weekend visit

My parents were here for the weekend. We had wonderful weather for the first and last half, and it snowed all day on Sunday. Today has turned out to be a beautiful sunny day and Emmett, if feeling better, might get to go outside and play! I think he must be getting more teeth. He has been waking up all hours of the night and crying all the time. Not like himself. I took him to the doc on Monday and it is definitely not another ear infection. It seems we just have to wait this phase out as well.
Before the snow moved in, we all headed up to Billings to exchange a few things at Lowes for the basement. Then we went into Red lodge to have some lunch and walk around the town. The wind got a little chilly to walk around for too long and Emmett was screaming for a nap.
We made lots of great meals while the folks were here. Fig and chili glazed pork, grilled pizzas, and delicious salmon. We also played plenty of cards. Luke and Dad won last night, but Mom and I won the other four nights!!!!
I will update with pictures when I have a bit more time.

Congrats to Amy on landing her first job post graduation! We are all very proud of you!