Monday, April 14, 2008

Casper Weekend

We had a great weekend in Casper, WY with Deb and Mark. Luke had an appreciation dinner with his company at the Country Club and the Grandparents came up to watch Emmett for us. Then we all got to spend time together the rest of the weekend.

Let me start at the beginning. We arrived in Casper on Friday around noon. I had to drop Luke off at the office, since we were not able to have an early check in at the hotel. Emmett and I had to waste time somewhere...Target! Shortly after our room was ready and Emmett and I unloaded the car, he in his carseat while I carried everything inside. Emmett sure loves hotel rooms. We were not even there but 15 minutes and he had the room torn apart. I finally got him down for a much needed nap, since he did not sleep much on the ride down. I got to relax in the hotel courtyard and catch up on my magazine reading. Since Emmett was sleeping, Luke caught a ride home from his meeting and minutes later, here comes Grandma! Arms open wide for her grandson...who was sleeping. She could hardly stand it. Needless to say she made it til he woke up. Then the fun began. Mark so kindly brought the "bar" for our rooms. Wine and beer for all. Luke and I got ready for his dinner, which was at a very pretty Country Club, nestled next to the mountain. Mark dropped us off for dinner and we made it just in time for cocktail hour. We found other young couples to sit with for the evening. Lucky me, one lady was preggo, the others were drinking beer so the bottle of white wine they dropped off at the table for dinner had my name on it! It was a very nice dinner, with lots of great people. Afterwards we took a cab to meet a few of the people at a bar called Sidelines. We pulled up and the first words out of my mouth are"we are not staying long." I think we were there for 3 hours. I really thought I could dance(that's how much wine I had!). Then the fiasco began. We got a ride home with another couple that were staying at the same hotel. We got back to the hotel and I can't find my purse. We call the bar, they can't find it. We don't really know the couple who brought us home, so we are(in the dark mind you) peeping in their car windows to see if I left it in their backseat. Can't see it. So, being slightly impaired, I am bawling! My phone, my credit cards....I am supposed to be responsible...blah, blah blah. We went to bed and I awoke from my coma the next morning and decided to check their car again. There it is. Shining in the morning sun. Fiasco over. We contacted the couple and got my purse back. On with the weekend!

Deb, Mark, Luke and Emmett went to the swimming pool on Saturday morning. It was a hoot. Afterward we went to lunch and then Deb and I got to hit the mall, while the boys went to take a nap.

Our hotel rooms were on the first floor and opened out to the courtyard. It was great for letting Emmett run. We all had to take turns "lapping " the courtyard with him. He was up the stairs, down the stairs, around and around. He wore us out!

We went for a nice dinner at the Outback. I spilled my blueberry martini first thing. I was a mess this weekend! It was a delicious martini though. I am going to have to look up the ingredients. Fun dinner anyway, and then we headed back for some more chase with Emmett at the hotel. He went to bed and the adults played cards for hours! Deb and I won!!!!!! We played cards like I have never seen us play cards. All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. Minus my drama.
Today is about 70 degrees and beautiful, not to last for too long. I think it is gone by tomorrow. So Emmett and I are going to head out for a walk and then to get his hair cut.

Luke and his boss, Bob.

Ladies of the Worland, WY office

Grandma Debbie on lap 4 of the courtyard