Thursday, April 3, 2008

What a fun week!

Mom and Tot swim lessons are done for the week. I met some really wonderful moms this week. One of them attends MOPS as well. We had a meeting for MOPS on Wednesday. It was a nice meeting, with really good discussions. We have two more meetings left before summer(we start up again in fall). It is great cause they meet up in the local parks this summer on Wednesdays for play dates. That works out awesome for those of us with no grass in their yards!
Uncle Mike was in town for two days. Emmett(as well as Luke andI) loved having him here. Mike plays with him ruff house style and he loves it! Laughing all the way. We took Mike to La Comida(YUM!) and grilled out some steaks from the meat store. It was a really great visit.
Spring is in the air. Flips flops have left the closet and are getting shined up! I have started my outdoor plants in an indoor greenhouse. Some already have sprouts! Leeks, artichokes, onions, and lots of kinds of peppers. They will be transplanted in mid/late may. Nothing like fresh veggies. I also have squash and zucchini to plant in may as well. I might try to grow some tomato plants...we'll see. Emmett tried and likes tomatoes, so we might give it a shot. Then we can try to can some tomato sauce at the end of the season(like aunt Becky's!).