Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Swim class

So we decided to go to swim class. and Dad came to watch and document the whole thing! Emmett is so happy to be in the water, when you do what he wants to do. He does not like to be on his back. He really does love everything else about swim class. Ok, maybe not so much the "scooping" or dunking him under water, but you get the picture. We are meeting Debbie and Mark in Casper on Friday, and our hotel has an amazing indoor pool in the courtyard. He will be in heaven. This first video is me trying to teach him to jump in on the count of 3. Sometimes it works, other times he get really excited and jumps in early or not at all(another one of those what-he-wants-to-do moments).
This next video is of the group getting ready to scoop the kids. Not very many of them like to be dunked....but it is good for them to learn. Emmett does not like to close his mouth during swim class. You can probably imagine how much water he swallows while being dunked!

The garden class was great. I took away some really great ideas and plenty of information on gardening in Wyoming.
Check out my weird cactus. Chrissy and I dug up a few cactus from my front yard and planted them for indoors. This one is doing something crazy....