Monday, April 28, 2008

Busy weeknd

We had a great weekend with nice weather and got to enjoy the outdoors a little. Saturday morning we went to the Annual Optimists Club "Garagarama". I was told that it would be similar to a flea market/antique show, but they were slightly wrong. We pulled up to the arena to find no parking. It is so packed that we had to park across the street and down the road a little. It was definitely an enormous garage sale. Luke made the comment that "the only thing antique was the VHS copy of Jurassic Park." He was right, but you never know until you go! After the "garagarama" , we went to watch our neighbor Donald in his JV soccer match. It was his last home game and he played really well. They wound up in a tie against Lander. Emmett loved being able to run around in the huge grassy park, touching the bark on trees and learning that pine needles are sharp. I think he actually said"so this is what nature feels like" since he won't see any of it at home for quite some time! It will be a bit til we get to the grass/trees and other landscaping.

On Sunday we went to the park with Daddy. He loved playing with his dad on the slide. He loves the merry-go-round but doesn't move around much. For now that is a good thing. He always falls and bumps his head on the metal bars. You know the sound I'm still hearing ring thru my ears! BONG! After we left the park, we decided to try out the walking path down by the Shosone river. It is a really nice trail, not great scenery, but still a great spot to take E for walks this spring and summer. Lots of birds, other walkers, and the wonderful sound of rushing water from the river. It felt nice to get a little sun on our faces too! We were invited to dinner at the Reedy's. We had a nice time and it is always great to see the boys play together. Emmett had a great time riding in the wagon. We're gonna have to pick one of those up for summer. Their home is really coming together nicely no that they are unpacked and settled in. Their basement is really moving along as well.

Luke and I have Date Night tomorrow eve at the movie theater. MOPS is putting on a movie date night for $5- both tickets, drinks and popcorn. Our neighbor Chris is watching Emmett along with her son Donald. Donald is in training for possibly watching Emmett this summer now and again.
Oh yeah, Emmett has discovered that he can sit in a few of my tupperware bowls! and he especially likes the colanders. He can see where he is walking!