Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Trip to the Big City

Yesterday, Emmett and I went for a day trip to the BIG city of Billings, Montana. We dropped Luke off at work and away we went. The plan was to do some much needed shopping and meet up with one of the moms that I met from swim class for lunch. Tammy and I made arrangements and then found ourselves too busy shopping to stop and eat lunch. Too many stores, such little time. Home Depot, Michaels, Old Navy, Toys R Us, Tuesday Morning, TJMaxx and Ross. There is nowhere to shop in Cody, so this was a real treat. We actually meet up at Tammy's husband Mike's bar, CB's, back in Cody(Luke just happened to be there after work). I think Emmett held up pretty well for an all day shopping trip with Mom.
Tammy and Mike are a very nice couple. They just moved to Cody from Orlando in May. Mike runs his bar/restaurant and Tammy is a stay at home mom with their 11 month old son, Caleb. We are planning to attend the fall festival this Saturday morning in the Albertson's parking lot. Not sure if Caleb and Emmett are old enough to enjoy the activities, but it will be nice to get out in the sunshine while there is still nice weather.