Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Headed back to Colorado..?

Well, after the ticket debacle yesterday for the World Series, I still am not sure if we will be headed to Denver or not. I guess we will find out later today when they try the ticket sales again! Not too much else going on at the moment. We did not get nearly as much snow as our friends in Colorado this past weekend. We have been able to check out the pics from Bobby and Donna's blog, as well as the Canales' website. It looks like you all got a few inches in Highlands Ranch. It snowed all day here, but we had no accumulation. The surrounding mountains looks beautiful as a result of the storm. Due for more this weekend. The deer are starting to show up in droves. With Yellowstone getting pounded with snow, they are starting to head down the mountains. We have always had one or two deer in our yard almost everyday since we've moved. But not herds! Luke saw a large herd of 20 or so deer down the road in a pasture, and last night there were six in our neighbor's back yard. I had to get Luke to whistle really loud to try and make them all look at the same time. Maybe if my photography skills were better, I would have gotten them all in one shot!
We received a Halloween gift package from Emily, Charles and the gang(Thanks!). It was loaded with fun coasters, candy and spooktacular PJ's for Emmett. His first Halloween should be pretty uneventful--and cold.