Thursday, October 18, 2007

I love Fortball!

Tis the season for fortball--- I mean football?. No, fortball. Aunt Chrissy brought Emmett some wonderful long sleeved shirts when she came to visit. What she did not realize was that one of the shirts was misprinted. We had quite the laugh over this one. I finally was able to get some decent pictures of Emmett wearing his prized fortball t-shirt(before the drool set in). Thanks for the shirt Aunt Chrissy!
Emmett is now on the move more than ever. He can scoot from one side of the living room and be in the kitchen before I know it. Time for some more baby proofing!
I have been trying to video his new favorite toy. He will wade through is mound of toys to get to the floor grate. He will spend 20 mins. banging on the grate and laughing. need to spend money on toys. I have a whole house full of floor grates! Hopefully I can catch him in the act and post this hysterical moment. I'm sure he will enjoy it in the future as well.
We are looking forward to Grandma Debbie coming out for a visit. She is coming at the beginning of November. Then we have Sarah, Ryan, Lily and Anna Christensen the weekend before Thanksgiving(Thanksgiving trial run). Emmett can't wait to show off his new room and toys/floor grate! Then my family is driving out for Thanksgiving. We should be home the weekend prior to Christmas for amost 10 days. Looking forward to seeing everyone in November and December!