Monday, October 15, 2007

Emmett meets Wyatt

Luke, Emmett and I took a road trip this past Saturday to Red Lodge, MT, a quaint ski town, a little over an hour away. They have the most beautiful trees this time of year. I can't wait to see it this winter, I'm sure the town lights up for the holidays. We had a delicious lunch at Red Lodge Pizza and then we walked around to check out the shops. It was wonderful fall weather, great for a drive and shopping. The alternate plans for the afternoon worked out and we drove into Billings and met up with Dayven, Chelsea and Wyatt Johnston. The Johnston's are on their way to Edmonton, Canada. They are moving there from Nashville for the next two years. We wish them well and hope to visit them early next year. Cody is on their way to Denver where Dayven's mom, Karen, lives. We hope to have them drop in when they make the trip! It was a great visit as we both got to meet each other's children. Wyatt is just over 1 year old and cute as can be. Of course it was wonderful to see Chelsea and Dayven again.

The Rockies sure are on a roll! It has been great watching the home team from a far. Go Rockies! Luke is wanting to attend a home game if they make it to the World Series...we may be home for a visit sooner than we expected, that is if Luke can find tickets.

Some of you may know that Luke and I participate in a Fantasy Football league with a few friends of ours. It is awfully fun and has been a communication line between us all--by communication, I mean smack talk. I just wanted to shout out to my buddy, Ryan, whom I matched up with this week. "What's up, Doc!" (Just so you all know...Ryan and I are tied, that is until tonight's game. I should defeat him pretty badly. I'll be sure to report back!)