Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lots O Pictures

Emmett has been very busy these days. Sitting up on his own, pulling himself up on EVERYTHING- including the mama monkey gym and scooting around in a hurry. He loves to peek out his bedroom window, especially now that he can stand and hold on to the window sill. He has a golf club toy that is his new fav. It makes the craziest noises and sings. He loves it. Actually, I think he loves anything that Luke and I say "NO" to. He grins and looks back at you like, "you mean not to touch this?" He is pretty mischievous.

Feeding time is very messy these days. He is also starting to get the concept of putting cereal from his tray into his mouth. Cereal puffs all over, from his face to the floor. Sweet potatoes are then mixed in to the equation. He sure does love his veggies, but when it comes to eating fruit...not gonna happen right now. Emmett is very content sitting in his high chair gumming on his spoon. Sometimes when he gets fussy, I put him in his high chair and give him a spoon. Ahhhhh, 20 mins of anything I can get done in 20 mins.

We've discovered that Luke has a special power, you know, like the show Heros. He can put Emmett to sleep like no other. I am not sure how he does it. I have decided that Luke must have a magical sleeping powder that he emits from his pores. That is why he can make it happen and not me. The picture here shows just how he sleeps for Daddy- out like a light.