Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Good news!

I spoke with Vanessa Hobson this morning. I wanted to check in on her and her family with all of these tragic fires burning in their area. They are all ok and grateful that the winds are dying down. It seems that her parents in Orange County could see the flames over the hill behind them and Vanessa and Joel in Carlsbad were about 4 miles from homes that were evacuated. Fortunately, they are all safe and I will keep my fingers crossed that they stay that way! Take care Weighaus and Hobson families. The picture is from July when V was visiting us in Denver.

We will not be headed back to Denver for a visit this weekend. Luke has to work Friday and Monday. and of course there is the not-having-tickets issue. But we have Emmett's Rockies jersey clean for tonights game. We will be cherring from afar. It seemed to work for the Rockies so far....... Go Rockies!