Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Friendly Neighbors

I thought this was pretty cute. Our neighbors to the west of us have 3 young girls. They live with their uncle Monte. There was a knock at the door the other night, much to our surprise(living in the middle of nowhere, not knowing anyone). It was two of the neighbor girls wanting to mow our front yard. Now, we don't have any grass yet, nothing but weeds. So we told them to have at it. I guess they like to tool around on Monte's new tractor. On Sunday it was snowy and pretty cold, but that did not stop them. They had a blast. Monte mowed a circle for them to stay in and then let them loose. The girls took breaks to warm up but got the job done. Reminds me of back home in Illinois, we had an old tractor in the corncrib. My sister Chrissy and I used to play on and pretend to drive that thing for hours. The good ole days.