Monday, November 12, 2007

All good things must come to an end...

Grandma Debbie was here visiting this past weekend. It was a wonderful visit. She arrived in the Cody airport at 8pm on Wednesday. I guess Deb had the pleasure of a fairly small plane and a bit of Wyoming wind. All in all, she arrived safely. The next morning, she and Emmett reunited and boy was it exciting. Emmett shrieking and laughing, or was that Grandma!? They had so much fun. Deb and I meet Luke for lunch at the historic Irma Hotel and then we went around the town running a few errands.

On Friday, we drove Deb up to Red Lodge, Montana to see the beautiful scenery and the great shops there. I was a little surprised that the town was still in the process of setting up for Christmas. Doesn't anyone tell the smaller towns that you start setting up for Christmas before Halloween?! It looks like I will have to make another trip to see the great town of Red Lodge in it's Holiday splendor. I introduced Debbie to Sierra Trading Post when we got back to Cody that afternoon. Sierra is an awesome outdoor clothing/gear outlet here in Cody(they also have stores in Cheyenne and Reno, NV). I think we have another fan amongst us!

Deb also had the pleasure of meeting our friends, the Reedy's, at their son Caleb's 1st birthday party on Saturday morning. Who doesn't love a good party?! Caleb was wiped out before it even started. Emmett seemed to like the toys Caleb was getting, more like mom and dad now have Christmas ideas. Afterwards, it was a nice day so we took a walking tour of the downtown area and then stopped in at our fav Mexican restaurant for a late bite and a marg. We no longer have the pleasure of eating what we order at restaurants. Emmett is into the constant entertainment phase and it never allows everyone to eat at the same time. We have learned the pass-the-baby and shovel-your-food game that I'm sure all parents enjoy.

After hours, while Emmett was in dreamland, we taught Deb how to play a card game called SkipBo. Next time Luke or I try to teach a game, we must remember the cardinal rule- no wine first. It is too hard to teach/learn a new game when you've had a glass or three. We really enjoyed having Deb this past weekend and I think Emmett was worn out by all of Grandma's spoiling. We look forward to seeing the rest of our families in December.