Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christensen/Anderson Family weekend

This past weekend, our friends the Christensens drove up to see us for the weekend. We had a wonderful time. The girls, Lily and Anna were great to have around to play with Emmett. They were so good with him. They watched movies, read stories, and investigated the case of the mysterious footprint(turned out to be a deer). On Saturday, we headed into town to enjoy the beautiful weather and all of the holiday open houses at the shops. Anna and Lily enjoyed tons of apple cider and cookies, while Ryan and Sarah couldn't get enough of the hot sauce and dips. Once again, we've made Sierra Trading Post enthusiasts out of our guests. Ryan and Lily both got nice winter boots to take home with them. The adults enjoyed wonderful meals, wine and card games that went on for hours. Who knew that Uno could be so vicious?! It was sad to see them leave on Sunday morning. We look forward to seeing them again in December!