Saturday, November 27, 2010

A lot to be thankful for...

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, even though we didn't make it to Salt Lake City to see Trish and her family. The weather and an burst eardrum(Emmett) kept us from going. Looks like we'll be BBQ'ing a turkey in May-see you then! We had a quiet day around the house with a small turkey and mashed potatoes. That morning, received a call from my mom that my great uncle Bob had passed away that morning. You may recall him from our wedding as one of the "trio of uncle Bobs". Now we are down to just a pair. It sure makes you think about the important things in life. We discussed what we were thankful for at the dinner table. Luke and I of course said "our kids and family", leaving out the fact that the wine we drink certainly helps with both of those. Emmett decided that he was thankful for his friends and that he could play. We guessed with the way Jolene dove into her mashed potatoes, she was thankful for her food! We moved the furniture around and blew up the aerobed to watch a movie together after dinner. It was a nice family day that we haven't had in awhile.

On Friday, we went to Billings to do a bit of shopping-not the early kind. We were able to make a few returns and do most of our Christmas shopping and be home by dinner. Saturday here in town, they have a very short lighted parade. We have never been because we are always out of town! It was cold and the kids were freezing but it was a fun experience. We ran into our friends, Jessica and Jeff and their families, and our neighbors, Chris and her son Donald and his new girlfriend. Only in Cody, do they have "floats" that consist of ATV's and a small dog with antlers (like on the grinch)that sits on the back....pretty cute. Santa rode in on the same fire engine that Emmett got to ride on. He was pretty excited to have shared that fire truck with Santa. Emmett exclaimed that he didn't realize that Shane(our fireman friend) knew Santa! The parade was short and sweet and cold, but a fun time.