Sunday, November 21, 2010


The "Day After Craft Fair" has been really nice. I have begun to clean up the dining room which has been craft central, along with the storage room and computer area! It will be nice to get the house back to normal before we Christmas-ize it! I wound up doing well at the craft fair...just under $400 in profit and a few orders to still deliver. AND the best part is that I won 2nd in the Rotary drawing and won 30 bottles of wine!!! Couldn't have been a more perfect prize and a way to end the craft fair. The man who drew my name called the house and Luke answered. He asked Luke if I could come pick up the wine and Luke told him I was in the upper club room and that I could bring it home myself. I think Jessica and I yelled with excitement when the man came and asked if I was Karen(actually, I know we did cause Luke was still on the phone with the man and he heard us scream in the background!). The other vendors all cheered and we didn't even know what it was that I won at that point. When I returned with my enormous basket filled with wine and other "drink" things, I told them about the prize of 30 bottles of wine-it was like a party! Everyone stopped cleaning up their booths and came over to check it out. What a fun day. A profit and lots of free wine! The few inches of snow that fell in the last hour sure didn't help when loading up the car at the end. BUT- I really do think that the 13 degree weather helped out the craft fair because everyone wanted to be inside at the fair instead of outside at the turkey festival. Jessica and I thought ahead and she brought the thermos of coffee and I brought the homemade Irish Cream! Not our first rodeo! I will most likely try this out again next year, but with different crafts. My mind is already filled with ideas!