Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween was a blast. We had Mark and Deb come to town just in time to celebrate the holiday. Emmett also had a guest for the weekend. Fireman the seahorse, his preschool stuffed pet. They choose someone from class to send her home for the weekend and we take pictures and write a letter about what we did for the weekend. It certainly was a fun weekend. Emmett dressed up as Batman for Halloween and Jolene was a Bronco's cheerleader. Fireman got into the spirit and wore Mr. Potato Head's glasses for it's costume. We went downtown on Friday for the trick or treat street event here in town and let the kids walk down one side of the street and end up at Luke's booth where they were handing out candy. It was fun until Jolene decided she'd had enough. Boy, when she's done, she lets you know. The next day, Mark and Deb arrived mid afternoon and they took Emmett and Fireman to the Quake hockey game. Our team was playing Billings and Debbie was able to get some tickets threw her work. Jolene and I stayed home and I got to enjoy the silence while the rest of the crew apparently froze their behinds off at the hockey arena. Sunday rolled around and for some football/Halloween fun, we went over to Brandi and Ty's home for some chili and beverages. Then the older kids, aka minus Jolene and Zac, went with the men trick or treating in their neighborhood. Emmett had a blast running from house to house. Deb, Brandi, the youngins and I stayed at their home and handed out candy and drank another bottle of wine. Deb and I sure felt that last bottle of wine this morning. Deb is napping as we speak and I think I could use the same. We are trying to get ready to leave for Scottsdale, but I'm draggin butt today. I need to get packed and get everything ready finalized with our Hotel. It turns out Kate and Mike aren't able to make the trip with us and I need to figure out the details with the hotel. I'm sure it'll work out....either way, I am headed to the sunshine and yummy pool drinks!