Friday, November 19, 2010

come and gone, here and there

When I left the blog last, we were headed to Scottsdale. It turned out, a couple here in town were able to fly down to Scottsdale last minute and play for the weekend. We were sad to not get to spend time with Kate and Mike, but we had a great time with the Nelson's. The villa we stayed in "eventually" wound up being nice. We started off in a so-so condo with three bedrooms and three baths. Not very updated but had a great view of the golf course. It turned out that is not all it had! Luke and I had gone to lunch and to get me a pedicure. When we returned, it was pool time. We got ready and I wanted to make one last pitstop to the restroom before we left. Luke was lounging in the family room. I flushed the toilet and the ceiling broke open a bit and leaked on the floor next to the couch. Pool plans on hold, we called the front desk to request someone to hurry out and look at the leak. We were told to pack our stuff and someone would be over to load up our stuff--we were moving to another condo. Luke and I re-packed and set our stuff outside, thinking we would be at the pool in no time. About an hour later(after I had sent Luke up a lime tree to pick some fresh limes for my upcoming pool drink) they finally came and moved us to the new villa. What an upgrade! This place was outstanding. We had plenty of glasses of wine on the patio and a few morning drinks in the very nice kitchen. While in Scottsdale, we even got to have dinner with Luke's old boss Brent and his wife, Heather. Great food and wonderful weather. A very nice getaway.
In the meantime, mom calls me and tells me she has sold her house. I was a few glasses into the wine and thought she was pulling my leg, but it turns out....she's moving to Cody!!! Mom came out this past weekend to start her home search and a week later is a new home owner and an unofficial resident of Cody. Things should be finalized around the 7th of December and she'll be moved up here around the 15th. So excited to have her around and it's great house and neighborhood that she has picked to live in. While mom was here, the Capitol Christmas tree made a stop in Cody. This year's tree at the nation's capitol came from the Teton National forest. It was a huge deal to stop in Cody for the night and we made a very good attempt to stop and see it. BUT, it was so darn cold that mom and I did not last long. Plus, they unrolled a section of the tree so you could peek in and see it. Very well guarded and protected from all us hellions in Cody....

ALSO, I am set to sell at the craft bazaar tomorrow. I think that I am ready. I sure hope that the work I(and mom-who came at the perfect time to help ;) have put in will pay off. Otherwise, lots of you will be getting "FRAGILE" packages on your doorsteps for Christmas!!!