Friday, September 24, 2010

Luke's pitching debut

Luke pitched in a charity softball tournament in Powell last weekend. It was for a two year old little girl with stage 4 liver cancer. (Talk about being grateful for Emmett's diagnosis!) It turned out to be a great weekend and the kids and I went to cheer him on. I completely forgot sunscreen...there goes Mom-of-the-year AGAIN. Jolene had some pretty bright pink cheeks by the time the day ended. Emmett made lots of friends with the other little boys of the players of the team. There was about 4 boys ages 4-6 that all played together in the dugout, the playground, and even some dirt piles conveniently located next to the ballpark. It was a really fun day and all for a really great cause. Luke pitched really well and their team did pretty well too. They looked to be having a really great time playing together- I'm sure the cold Coors lights helped out in that department!