Saturday, September 11, 2010

Crazy weekend

We left Jolene with our friend Kacie for the day while we took Emmett to the specialist in Billings. We met with the dietitian and learned all about eating with diabetes and how to make mealtime work. Shouldn't be too different from what we already do....Emmett can really eat what he wants and we adjust his insulin. Fortunately, we eat pretty healthy to begin with and shouldn't change things around here too much. Now, having to give shots while travelling is something we really don't want to do very often. Sure it's unavoidable but limited for the time being. Emmett is doing much better with the glucose checks. For some reason, he is now convinced that there is no needle/lancet in the glucose meter and has no problem with the finger stick anymore. Not gonna correct him on that one! He still screams and has to be held down for the insulin shots. We think it's the anxiety of it all and of course the needle on the insulin pen. He gets two shots after breakfast and one shot each after lunch and dinner. At this point we are checking his sugars 5 times a day, breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime and 2am. Not sure how long this will continue- probably until he is stable and regular with his numbers. This is doable and of course there is no way around it unless we get him on a pump(which we are reading up on this weekend).

In the midst of everything, I had planned a garage sale with my neighbor at their home Saturday morning. Like I didn't have enough going on. Anyway, we started the sale at 7am and did very well. Ted had many tools that brought him some major cash! and we got rid of many items that won't have to go back in storage!!! Along with the garage sale, I signed up for the bountiful basket program--which is awesome! Bountiful Basket is a coop that provides local and fresh produce and fruit for $15. It is $45 worth of produce and it changes all the time, depending on season. I also ordered homemade tortillas-corn and flour, $10 for 7 dozen! Amazing. They are in WY, CO, UT and a few more states. You check for your city and pickup location and order online. Check it out!