Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fun pictures with the kids

Jolene is pretty goofy with her one side of teeth and thought we'd get some pictures of it. She is getting the entire other side(top and bottom) as we speak so this snaggle-tooth-look won't be around for long! In the meantime, she was loving being naked and was pretty darn cute loving on the soft pillow. Nothing like naked pictures of your precious little girl. Well, we discovered that from my angle she was adorable. The pictures Luke took were slightly inappropriate with the lady parts in full view. Those were deleted immediately and retaken from a different angle!
Snack time has been a really hard spot in our daily routine these days. Not like in the olden days wehre Emmett could have pretty much what he wanted, when he wanted. Now the portions have to be monitored and timed with his meals. He can, however, have sugar free jello as a "free" snack and we have on hand regularly now. What we didn't know is that Jolene is a jello ninja that will sneak up from behind and steal your jello when Emmett is not looking. Luke caught her in the act. She laughed so hard cause she knew she was caught orange handed.