Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First day of Preschool!

Today was a big day for us all. First day of preschool. I went in and woke up Emmett to start the day by saying "Can you believe today is the first day of school?!" and his reply "just five more minutes of sleep mom." REALLY?! He has never said that-EVER. He is such a morning person and for the first day of school he acts like a teenager. Crazy. Anyway, I laughed at him and he giggled and sprung right out of bed. He is really excited to be going to school, as are his mom and sister. Today, Jolene gets to play on whatever she wants and doesn't get things taken from her. So we dropped off Emmett at school and took the ceremonial pictures of his first day. We walked into the drop-off room and he dropped his back pack and went straight to the train set. No "bye Mom!", "Miss you", "Please don't leave!". Nothing. I went over to Emmett, gave him a kiss and said "have fun at school." He smiled and waved me goodbye. What a great day. I still can't believe he's in preschool!!!!!