Friday, July 9, 2010

Swimming today

Emmett is in swim lessons once again and loves them to death. He asked to go swimming after lunch and the temperature is on the rise so maybe not such a bad idea. Jolene needs to start getting in the pool anyway. So I loaded up the kids(Jolene has switched to the next car seat by the way!) and we headed off to the pool. We get there and no towels. The towels must have jumped out of the bag and landed neatly in a stack on the kitchen counter...... Anyway, in the family locker area, I am getting Jolene in her cute little suit when I look up and Emmett is running in circles around the other parents with my underwear and brightly colored bra yelling "Are these yours mommy?!". Slightly mortified since they were not my finest, I calmly told Emmett to put them back in the bag and put on his trunks. Once the battle to get dressed for the adventure had ended, we headed into the water. Instant tears for Jolene. She has really been hating bathtime lately and I should have expected as much. The water was actually a bit cold today and I am sure that didn't help. 15 minutes after we got in, the lifeguards blew the whistle for a 5 min break. I completely forgot about this rule and did not time our outing to the pool very well. Jolene, Emmett and I went to the showers to warm up and Jolene loved the shower. She definitely had more fun in the shower room than the pool. She and I got dressed while Emmett played in the shower and then he went back in the pool for a few more minutes(I was thinking of a better naptime!). Overall, my first experience taking the kids to the pool by myself wasn't too horrible. Not sure if I will try again next week.....maybe when Jolene is fully walking by herself....worse??? we'll see.