Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jolene's First Birthday!

I can't believe that Jolene is already one year old!!! She is starting to cruise around, but at her own pace. She walks (aka about 6 steps) when you really aren't looking. I have tried to video this occurrence but she is really illusive and only walks when you aren't paying much attention. I would've bet a few bucks that Jolene would have gotten a tooth or four on her birthday, but she still has none. She has been running a fever for about 4 days now and yesterday the runny nose started back up. Maybe tomorrow...

Emmett and Luke went to pick out Jolene's present the other day. If it was up to Emmett, she would have opened a brand new Buzz Lightyear doll! Instead he compromised on a peak-a-boo train. Emmett helped her open it and showed her how to play with it. and has been playing with it all morning. I finally had to explain about her birthday and her presents...I think you get the picture. So tonight we will have small cake to celebrate, but the big party is on Sunday with friends. We will be breaking out the ladybug theme and really get to party!