Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our first pet

Emmett earned his first pet, a goldfish, by using the potty and being dry for so many days(potty chart that he completed a few weeks ago). We got the fish about a week ago. When you would ask Emmett what he was going to name the fish, he would respond "I'll tell you tomorrow." So we waited and the next morning and asked the question again. "His name is Jimi Hendrix." OK. Not sure where he heard or came up with this name, but it fits just fine for the poor fish. He lasted 2 days. During Emmett's naptime, Luke ran to Walmart and replaced it with another fish. Only this fish had a bit of black on it and the other one was white and gold. Emmett didn't notice until yesterday when he told me his fish was dirty and that he must have swam up against the black rocks in the bottom of the bowl cause he had some black stuff on him. Smart kid. Anyway, Jimi 2 is doing just fine...so far.

This is Jimi 1. May he rest in peace.