Sunday, June 7, 2009

What the.....?

Today is the 7th of June. We had a long night with a feverish little boy ~ about 102.5. The nights seem to be worse, but he has had a rough morning too. Then to top everything is snowing outside! We probably have about an inch of standing water in the yard and a half an inch of snow on the deck. The yard is never going to get finished with all of this wet weather we've been having. They can't run the tractors in heavy mud. AND Monday's weather is more rain!!! It sure would've been nice to have some grass seed down prior to all of this moisture. By the time I get a chance to seed, I will be moving hoses around the yard at 8 months pregnant!

By the way, it is Luke and I's 6th wedding anniversary today. We decided instead of sugar or iron, the traditional 6th wedding anniversary gifts, we'd have the gift of landscaping- rocks and lots of dirt. I might stop and get Luke a Blizzard from DQ (gift of sugar!) on my home from visiting my friend Courtney's new baby boy, Dane. I have to keep reminding myself that I only have about 6 weeks left, but I sure wish it was me with the new baby. I could really stand to be finished with this pregnancy stuff. Trying to sleep is really hard, especially with a writhing, whining 2 year old with a fever in your bed. It sure makes you appreciate the end result.